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Becker-Tanks is a midsize family business. The company was founded by by the engineer (FH) Helmut Becker in 1990. From the beginning, its focus was on stainless steel containers along with auxiliary equipment for wine storage and processing.

The company has long since built up a reputation in tank construction. Above all, customers value the high standards of quality of the materials used and of the execution as well as the individual support service from site measuring to the setting up of the tanks on site.

What began with a handful of employees as a greenfield project in Rhine Hessian Gau-Odernheim has developed into a company with about 45 employees whose special know-how by now also extends to custom-made products made to measure and to the customer’s specifications as well as to contract work in the stainless steel sector.

Becker-Tanks considers itself a stainless steel specialist with the highest standards for the quality of the workmanship of its products. Our central focus is on our efforts to offer customers high-grade and economic solutions tailored to their needs. The company evolves along those lines according to the requirements and demands of its customers.