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„We make even unsual stainless steel user ideas become reality.“

Richard Skowron, Prokurist

Custom Builds

„Where there’s a will, there’s a way!“

True to this motto, we realise special requests from our customers who are looking for something special or unusual, or a solution for an innovative idea. We handle everything that we can manufacture from stainless steel with our machines and offer at a fair price – in our proven quality.

Thanks to our in-house construction department we are able to design and build custom designs for a broad range of applications. Our product range of custom designs runs the gamut from gangways, transport containers, receiving and dumping troughs for bulk material, training boxes for horses to mobile shower stalls. We have also produced weatherproof exhibits as advertising media or design elements for fairs and marketing.

We design and manufacture to your specifications. Contacts us – we would love to make you a customised and detailed offer.

Fast heating unit. Capacity 18 to/h.

Round transporttank with mixer. With freq. controlled motor and electrical slide plate for the outlet. Mounted on a truck.

Galvanized steel frame with catwalk completely made of stainless steel.

Recreation- and training box for horses, with treadnmill.

Portable Tank with driveable Frame.

Grape presumtion with storagetank and agitationtank. Set up on a steel frame with a catwalk.

Further products