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At the company headquarters in Gau-Odernheim, County Alzey-Worms, approximately 45 employees plan, construct and manufacture stainless steel tanks and auxiliary equipment for various applications in viticulture and industry. Additionally, we produce special components and drainage channels and undertake contract work on stainless steel sheets (welding, edging, cutting). We produce in three halls of 1800 square meters in total.

The modern machinery includes among others things a laser cutting machine as well as an edging press, various bending and flanging machines and automatic welding machines. Moreover, many tools and pieces of equipment have been custom-built internally, to meet the requirements of different and sometimes very specific component shapes and sizes.

Available specifically:

  • a 4,000 x 2,000 mm laser cutting sytem with 6kW laser output (up to 25 mm stainless steel)
  • a fully automatic high rack storage area
  • an edging press (3.200 kn, sheets up to 4000 mm)
  • three four-roll round bending machines
  • three longitudinal seam welding machines with a length of weld of up to 3000 mm
  • an orbital welding machine
  • an automatic marbling and grinding machine
  • several flanging and cutting machines
  • fully automatic parallel shears
  • various TIG and MAG welding installations
  • welding positioners
  • various portable grinding machines
  • various forklifts and hoisting devices