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With us, service is simply part of the package, with every project, right from the start: From the first idea to the finished system, we are there for our customers. We’re only satisfied once you are.

Planning and consultation

Building stainless steel tanks is precision work. And it already begins outside of the factory halls.

For every project, for every tank, we develop its own individual concept. As as early as during on-site measurement we determine the optimum shape of the tank for the concrete conditions. In doing so, we also consider your input with regard to planning of capacity utilization, investment framework and business plan. Where appropriate, we also point out alternatives that are more suitable from a technical perspective and more economical. For instance, additions and expansions made later may occasionally make more sense than initial oversizing.

All ancillary components such as stairs and railings are calculated, designed and integrated into the overall concept as required just like the heat exchangers.

We do not consider ourselves merely a supplier of tanks. We consider ourselves partners in our customers' projects. We think along with you: In cooperation with you, we develop ideas and solutions for the optimum product that meets your requirements and then we build it for you.



On-site installation is usually the first acid test for a manufacturer. In our case, this means that only when the tank stands in the hall or the basement and fits perfectly along with all additions and components does it becomes clear what precision work really is.

We are proud to have a reputation not only for beautiful and well-engineered tanks but also for installing and connecting them reliably and safely for their future operation/application. Delivery and installation are part of our conception of customer service.



We at Becker-Tanks want the customer to feel his project to be in good hands with us from the beginning – in good hands with regard to its implementation, competently and expertly advised and comprehensively serviced and supported.

From intial conception to the commissioning of the finished installation on site, we are a competent consultant and executor as well as reliable project support.
However, we are available to our customers beyond the completion of the project – as a contact for simple questions just as much as for change requests or refitting.

Because partnership is more to us than a one-time deal: We focus on a trusting and long.term cooperation with our customers. We are only satisfied once you are!