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„We manufacture stainless stall tanks of almost any size, tailored to requirements, design as desired.“

Helmut Becker, CEO

Stainless Steel Tanks for industry

Industrial tanks are intended for precisely defined applications. Our decades-long expertise provides diversified know how that enables us to implement very specific customer requirements.
We construct and build process, agitator and pressure tanks for diverse areas of application in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


According to requirements the tanks are inspected by the TÜV or comply with the pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU.

Currently, we manufacture tanks in compliance with the most important national and international regulations such as the safety and conformance specification according to AD 2000, the norm DIN-EN 13445 for pressure containers, the US norms of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the „China stamp“, as well as the requirements of the Water Management Act (WHG).

Round pharmacy process tank with mounted mixer, tank isolated an electric-polished.

Buffer tank for a botting plant. Electric polished. Mounted with block flange and sightglas.

Round process tank with two mounted mixers. Tank brushed at the outside.

Round storage tanks.

Buffer tank for a botting plant. Isolated and electric polished. Mounted with block flange and sightglas.

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