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„We manufacture stainless stall tanks of almost any size, tailored to requirements, design as desired.“

Helmut Becker, CEO

Stainless Steel Tanks for viticulture

For almost 30 years we have been building stainless steel storage tanks for upmarket winery requirements. In so doing, we realise tanks of a height of up to 13 meters and a capacity of up to 130,000 liters. Depending on demand and naturally depending on the geometry of the tank a cylindrical or a cubic design is possible. Due to the properties of stainless steel and the surfaces used the tanks are particularly hygienic and easy to clean. All of the tanks can be equipped with pillow plates (heat exchanger jackets) for thermal process control.

Round sedimentation tanks with Pillow Plates.

Round mash – rotation – tank with freq. controlled motor (engine), including catwalk. Completely made of stainless steel.

Round storage tanks and stapeled „Schildtanks“ with catwalk completely made of stainless steel.

Round storage tanks with Pillow Plates.

Cubic storage tanks.

Further products