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„We machine stainless steel to order in large quantities reliably and at maximum precision.“

Richard Skowron, Prokurist

Contract Manufacturing

You are looking for a production partner for accurate laser cutting of stainless steel work pieces in appreciable numbers? Or for the edging and welding of components?
Becker Tanks not only handles its own projects with its company machinery but also puts its available production capacity in the service of commissioned work – from single components to large-scale production. Upon request, we also take on the manufacture of entire assembly groups or weldments.
Our state-of-the-art laser cutting machine handles stainless steel sheets of up to 25 mm thickness. Edging of sheets of up to 4 meters in length is also possible without a problem.

We would love to show you what we can do with regards to quality and on-time delivery. Try us!


Precise Laser cutting.

High performance Laser cutting in action.

Finished Laser and edged pieces in detail.

Finished Laser and edged pieces in detail.

Welded construction for vibration table.

Laser and edged piece.

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